Happy birthday MGS: Philanthropy!

September 27, 2012

Time goes by sooo fast! Here we are, MGSP is already three years old.

Each day (no joke) we receive at least one e-mail asking us: “When will you release Philanthropy Part 2?” or also “When is Part 2 out?” or even “I’ll give you all my money but please make part 2”.

Guys, WE want part 2 too, but it’s not going to happen, not right now at least!

We are working on new projects (I know that there are only a few screenshots/artworks right now, but have a look at the Man of Sorrows section of this website), we wil always continue to make sci-fi movies out of nothing, and they will always be top-quality productions, because we love our stories and we want to share them with the world in a “party dress”.

We think about our adventure with MGS: Philanthropy every single day, because it’s thank to that project that we’re a production studio, today, and that we could meet a ton of awesome people from all around the world, both creatives, artists, and fans!

So happy birthday MGS: Philanthropy, and who knows… soon or later we may give you a baby brother!

And as birthday present for all the fans, we share with you a gallery of images, sketches, and artworks!
We really hope you’ll enjoy this!



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  • Daniel


    That's a great movie!!! Just discovered yesterday about it... pretty focused on "Big Boss" talks... or, in that case, "Big Chief"... hahaha very nice!!! But... I saw in the Facebook (other person owns the page) that you couldn't contact Kojima and Konami... damn... ¬¬ Hope you can continue on with this awesome project!!!! Greetings from Brazil!!!

  • Jacopo


    Anche a distanza di più di tre anni ricordo molto bene e con molto piacere il giorno, anzi, i giorni delle riprese in quel di Fusina. E' stata un'esperienza bellissima che ripeterei altre 1000 volte se ce ne fosse ancora l'occasione! Come moltissimi altri fans mi auguro (e vi auguro) di poter assistere ai seguiti di MGSP che, penso, possano solo arricchire positivamente il panorama cinematografico made in Italy! Continuate così!!!

  • Lulu


    Soviet and British MG Teams in sight I presume. Great news as they are weitad by many!I know they were only really used at the beginning of the war, but are there any plans for Anti-Tank Rifles?Looking forward to see more.

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